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Some rural and suburban properties are not able to be connected to main drainage, due to location, topography or even the fact that there is no local mains drainage infrastructure available.

These properties will need to have their own private waste water system.

This could either be:

  1. A septic tank system.
  2. A sewage treatment plant system.
  3. A cesspit.

“Out of site is out of mind” is the general mind set and that’s OK whilst everything appears fine but not so good when it goes wrong.

It is the home owner’s duty to ensure that any off mains drainage system is compliant and does not cause nuisance or pollution to others or the environment.

Questions you may need to ask the vendor about their off mains waste water system.

  1. Does the system serve only one property?
  2. Where does it discharge its effluent?
  3. Is there any requirement to enter neighbouring land to maintain in the future?
  4. How often has it been maintained or serviced in the past?
  5. Does the system ever have issues during wet seasons?
  6. Does it require an environmental permit?

There is no problem with an off mains system but it’s in the buyers interest to confirm that it’s in good working order and environmentally compliant.

The Drainage People have thorough knowledge of off mains waste water systems and are able to undertake a pre-purchase survey to evaluate any potential issue with an existing sytem.  Our survey will expose physical and compliance issues that may potentially cost a lot to correct in the future.

Call us now on 01225 430628 and speak to our team of experienced and qualified industry experts to gain insight into any potential issues or, even better, peace of mind when buying your property.

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