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Here at The Drainage People we often have householders contact us in despair because they have an intermittent foul odour in their property, often strongest in the bathroom area.  For some, it has been a long term issue and they have been at their wits end trying to resolve the issue.


As a general rule, the sewer smell omits from the waste water system which may seem a fairly obvious statement.

The question is, how does the odour get into the property?

 If the sanitation system is correctly installed and damage free there should be no reason why foul water drainage odours can, or should, enter the dwelling.

If there is a fault in the system, pressure from gases in the sewer or private drainage system can force the foul odour into the property as a form of pressure release form the sewage pipes caused by displacement, sometimes made worse by air movement within the property.

You may find that when you’re trying to discover the cause of the sewer smell it can be frustrating and challenging and you may have already asked other trades for their input but because of The Drainage Peoples expertise and knowledge we will be able to pin point the cause of the odour and resolve the issue.

If you are experiencing the problem of smelly drains, call the drainage experts – THE DRAINAGE PEOPLE, we are here to help

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